• Ali is a software developer and technologist. He has over a decade of experience in a range of technical roles across different industries and organisations of all sizes. He makes it a habit to see the big picture and develop solutions that add the most value


  • At OpenMarket, I helped power the SMS services used by major charities and international companies. A charity client required high transactions per second on a complicated per‐message service flow. I performed an analysis of data processing across all stages of the system, identifying that queries to fetch some of the data types from database input were not supplying data to the next stage fast enough to keep the system continuously utilised. The addition of increased batching at this stage was a key contribution to meeting the performance needs of the client, and the service performed as expected for the event
  • At OpenMarket, I developed an improved error monitoring approach for the team, changing from manually checking an error mailbox that had high false positive rate, to receiving real‑time notifications of errors with low false positive rate. The result was an improved software quality and faster detection of errors
  • At Deloitte, I identified security vulnerabilities and mitigations for clients, and developed skills and technology within the team. Issues I identified for clients included the more severe remote code execution, eleveation of privilege and stored cross site scripting vulnerabilities
  • At Deloitte, I identified that a significant amount of experienced consultant time was spent making and formatting word documents by hand. I developed a report writing tool which generated a full report document in company branding with as much automation as possible. This saved up to a full day of consultant time on larger engagements
  • At Worldpay, I worked with project managers to help them understand security risk within their product areas, and worked with product teams to build security into the SDLC and identify vulnerabilities using threat modelling exercises. I performed several threat modelling exercises, identifying areas needing further development and suggesting remediation actions
  • At Nouse, the Sports editor suggested running a Fantasy Football competition based on the University football league. Working to a deadline of the following term, I developed and deployed the website in time for the league start. The site was well received, serving the equivalent of a month’s worth of normal traffic within the first evening, and has run for several years since
  • At Nouse, I identified that Web editors had to spend a significant amount of time re‐cropping images from print articles to make them ready for use on web articles. To save time, I created a batch job to generate multiple crops (left, centre, right, and padded) of each article image in the correct ratio and save them to a central file share location. The Web editors were able to use these generated images in most cases, saving their time from tedious cropping


  • Experimenting with serverless architecture
  • Heading to the Lake District for some last camping before the end of the British summer
  • Playing at Tech Chess meetup
  • Doing MapSwipe and Missing Maps
  • Very excited to see Bill Bailey soon


Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, Bash, PHP, C, C++, Rust, Haskell, Lisp, Vue.js (Reactive), Jquery, Spring, Guice, Node.js, Jetty, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Web Page Speed Optimization, HTTPS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, IMAP, SMTP, Email, Domain Name System (DNS), VPN, TCP, UDP, IP, MAC, NAT, Routing, Networking, Command Line Interface (CLI), Docker, Linux, Git, SVN, Wordpress, Cloudflare, Serverless Framework, Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Agile, Kanban, Microservices, DevOps, DevSecOps, BSc Computer Science, MSc Information Security, CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT), Secure Code Review, Cryptography, Application Security, Threat Modelling, STRIDE

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